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3 BIG Benefits of Online Training

What if I told you that you could get a lot of the benefits of having a personal trainer, without the gym, without the scheduled time block, and without the cost?  You probably wouldn’t believe me, but it’s possible!  Thanks to technology, more and more trainers are incorporating Online Personal Training.  Here are some reasons…

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Clipping Tips

Clipping Considerations and Tips: If you clip, make sure you continue to groom your horse as you did all summer. Clipping can make your horse’s coat and skin dry, so even though the hair is super short and they are pretty clean, currying is still important! Consider using oil to moisturize your horse’s skin and…

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Reasons NOT to Clip Your Horse:

when not to clip

Reasons NOT to Clip: You don’t work your horse very hard. If you have a pasture pet or a horse you only take on short hill-less trail rides, then you probably don’t need to clip. As long as the work level your horse does throughout the winter doesn’t produce much of a sweat throughout the…

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4 Reasons to Clip Your Horse

Ladies and Gentlemen, that time of the year is upon us. The time of year when your formerly sleek and shiny partner turns into a slightly more athletic looking yak.  There is a reason they grow all that hair, and some of course grow more hair than others. Some horses get longer hair, some get…

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