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Grooming Product Review – Andis Clippers

If you own or lease a horse, or manage and groom other people’s horses, then clippers are an important part of the equipment you have to keep the horse(s) happy and healthy.  Even if you don’t body clip your horse in the winter (or summer!) it is useful to have a set on hand.  Aside from body clipping, you can use clippers to clean up around a wound, clip the hair off of legs if they are prone to mud fever/scratches, or just clean up the bridle path, tail and fetlocks prior to a competition or clinic.  Since clippers have a wide variety of functions, and I’m on a limited budget, I like my clippers to be able to do everything from detailed trimming to a full body clip.

This is why I chose the Andis AGC Super 2 Speed Clipper with T-84 blades.  The T-84 blade leaves the hair about 2.5mm in length. This is longer than a more detailed blade (like a #10, which leaves the hair 1.8mm long) but is obviously much shorter than even summer length hair.  I like this length because it’s a little more forgiving in the clip job than a more detailed blade, and as we know, you can always take more off!  The shape of the blade allows me to get into all the nooks and crannies of the horses I clip without risking grabbing their skin with the blade.  Of course this is still possible, but I find it is much easier to avoid with these clippers.  The blade is also wide enough to allow for less-painfully tedious body clipping.  While it’s not as wide as the larger clippers designed just for body clipping, it is a good size for someone who is only clipping 1-5 horses a couple times a year.

The clipper is also light enough to allow for easy maneuvering, even with a cord!  I previously used cordless clippers, but found the eventual failure of the battery difficult to predict and it always seemed to occur mid-body clip!  The cord is long enough to not cause an issue with reaching a plug without an extension cord, but it may be something you need to desensitize your horse to as you move around the horse.

My overall FAVORITE aspect of these clippers is the noise level. They are SO quiet!!  As I’ve clipped several different horses for people over the years, I’ve found that even super sensitive horses have little problems with these.  Happy horses equal happy grooms!  My super sensitive thoroughbred who is endlessly worried about buzzing things near his ears is totally at ease with these clippers with minimal desensitization.  If you’re in the market for a new pair of clippers, keep these in mind!

This post was not sponsored or paid in any way shape of form by Andis Clippers.  The opinions in this post are entirely my own and not the result of any kind of monetary or product based incentive.

When clipping, make sure to properly (and slowly) desensitize your horse prior to getting started. If necessary, ask an experienced person to help handle the horse or introduce clipping to your horse.  Proper introduction for each clipping session is the key to a safe, quick, and beautiful clip!

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