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It's all about achieving your personal best. And sometimes you just need a little extra help with the details. That's where Jog Up Equine Services comes in. Whether you want to hire us to take care of a clipping job, prepare your horse for an upcoming event, or create a training plan for you or your horse, we will give our yo our utmost attention. Let us free up your time so you can focus on other things.


Grooming & Grooming Classes

From clipping to braiding to everything in between, Jog Up Equine Services can help you get it done! If hiring someone else to do it isn't your thing, we offer classes to help you learn to do it like a pro.
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Equine Fitness Plans

Jog Up Equine Services is here to help you with a variety of problems that you may need help with in regards to your equine partner's fitness. From conditioning for Horse Trials to just keeping your buddy comfortable, we're here to help you create a program that works.


Online Personal Training

Trot sets got you out of breath? How about a flight of stairs? Let us help you take back your health by enrolling in one of our top notch online personal training programs designed personally for you!

We can't wait to start helping you achieve you goals!

Getting started is usually the hardest part of any new venture. But it's important for you to know that I'm here to help you get started and stay motivated!